Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogging and the Top 10 Most Influential Blogs

Blogging has been the one of the world's ways of showing and expressing what life's characters are all about. From the up's and down of the always-revolving wheel of each and everyone's life, to the drawbacks of different things that world would like to see, work and be incorporated with. It's hard not to think how the wonders of blogging had and have impacted this very minute society in a big big planet. But would it be a way of keeping someone's else's thoughts or may be secrets where every can actually read it? Ahemmmm... I'm getting lost..

(Ang senseless noh!?)

Hehehe! Blogging in the very least way i understand it, takes time to be made. Astig mga kakilala ko ang bilis nilang gumawa. There are lots of reasons why people write stuffs, some would like to be heard (in written form), some would like to earn (blogging as a business), some would like to be famous,, but some...just do it to project and displace a certain emotion that the world is limited to hear and see. Ako na siguro ang taong yun ang dahilan why i write blogs. Ang hirap gumawa. Ang hirap makipaghabulan sa mga magagandang kuro-kuro ng buhay. Pero kung gugustuhin ko, kung pwepwede eh, i couldve written a life story of my own...


Ito na nga pala yung exact description na hinahanap ko... ANO BA ANG BLOG? It's a bank or portfolio of a life story of someone longing to be heard but rather be silent in its very way.

Senseless but true. I know someone who uses blog as her way of battling and letting the world know who she is, and what life for her is all about. She fights for what she considers' true and honest. But still some may not listen. Blogging has became a part of her life. She introduced me to this, and i very thank her much. If it wouldnt for her.. I wouldnt be here... sitting, and making this senseless but wonderful creative writing :)

Nga pala, as of this very moment, a special group in Pinas is now organizing a search for Pinas' Top 10 Most Influential Blogs! Eto ung site -> tignan nyo xa ( Hehehe..

Hmmm... Ako kaya? Nahhh... di ko naman pangarap yun eh. i just want the world to know how i feel..Hoping nga sana may nagbabasa nito. :) Kahit isang comment masaya nako! hwehehe..

Among the bloggers there, here i am standing infront of thee, voting for this g@L!:

hehehe... Siya yung tinutukoy ko! hehehe... a woman with a strong voice and a strong heart! Someone who dares the world with her strong heart...

Voted Best Blogs nya:

> DAGUPENA DREAMER ( : A bright Dagupena engaging with her greatest battles in life! Laki ang hirap nya sa maraming bagay.I know, cuz i can i see it in her eyes!

> LOVING CARLO( : Carlo is her beloved brother. Ang gwapo nitong batang ito. Mahal na mahal ni Myx ang kapatid nya. And dun ako proud sa babaeng ito!

She's one of the best bloggers i know.. and she deserves a chance to be considered as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Blogs! GO GO GO!

GudAM to ALL!

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