Friday, July 20, 2007


Maybe a lot or the majority would agree that time has this punching factor in the process of moving on? But why does other people still has this feeling of incompleteness, sometimes a feeling of uncontentment. And with that we are forced to take risky measures for us to really say that we already have forgotten that person. Acceptance is a point in life where you lower your shields and say i give up, no matter to what extent. But as time continues to flow, the real adversity kicks in, giving us the harder and more painful realization if whether or not we already have accepted the fact that they're over in our lives, that they are already closed chapters in each and everyone's book. Time can only tell each and everyone's destination, your journey toward the real point of acceptance, and with that moment, when all your shields are down, tears flowing in your eyes, you can say, "Okay na ako, tapos na... "

A memory of lessons, a memory of realization of who you are, of who we are, and what life and in this world is all about...

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